I am a Hollow Bookmaker Introvert (making a modest living crafting books from home and selling online), please Ask me anything
I am an overnight gas station clerk Ask me anything
Hello again Reddit! I am Max Florschutz, Author of Science-Fiction and Fantasy, and my sixth book, Jungle, launches tomorrow!
I Am A UPS Delivery Driver!
6 years after starting a subreddit in my final year of high school, we launched a standalone website to expand on the concept. Since then, Barack Obama shared our launch article and Stephen Fry narrated our intro video. Ask me anything!
I was born without a ear. Ask me anything !
I was a Petland Employee repost (with proof) continue to Ask me anything
I own a Titan 2 Missile Silo that is being renovated into a man cave / escape room / AirBnB
I’m Robert Santos, President-Elect of the American Statistical Association, census expert, proud Texan, & Chief Methodologist at the Urban Institute. I’m here with a few friends to tell you why the 2020 Census matters (a lot) & to answer all your questions. Reddit, let’s geek out census style! Ask me anything!
I am Kenneth Braswell, CEO of Fathers Incorporated and Executive Director of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. Ask me anything about fatherhood!
Hi, I’m Graham Phillips and in the last two weeks I played a Disney Prince, released an R-rated modern day western I directed with my brother and lost miserably in a neighborhood Pickleball tournament. Ask me anything.
I am a a westerner who was a teenager/young adult in Dubai during the 2000s and 2010s. It was the wild wild west of the Middle East but flooded with wealth, partying, and very few laws/limits during this time. Ask me anything!
We’re engineering leads at Waymo and we're here to answer your questions on hardware and software development for self-driving technology - Ask Us Anything!
I'm Desert Sun reporter Chris Damien, and I reported what California does with criminal cops. We just released our report on 600 police officers who've committed crimes. Ask me anything
I'm Dougal. I've been making beer for 30 years. I founded my own brewery Innis & Gunn 16 years ago & will soon start building one of Scotland's biggest breweries - Ask me anything.
We’re comedian Bill Engvall and Urologist Dr. DiTrolio and we’d like to have a frank talk about something most people don’t like to discuss- frequent urination or FU, prostate problems and all the reasons a man might need to go see a urologist.
I am a Fire Fighter. Ask Me Anything!
When I graduated college, I had interviews at Google, Dropbox, Goldman Sachs, and others because of my resume, despite a 2.2 GPA. Now we've build a software to make the same resume for free. Ask me anything!