I am a Adult Movie Actress Kenzie Reeves Ask me anything!
I am a Food Network "Chopped" Champion. Ask me anything.
I am an American who runs a small gym in Beijing, China! Ask me anything!
A stranger got my kidney on January 20, 2020.
We're Funnies for Families, a non-profit that travels to places like hospitals, shelters and hospices to perform comedy shows for seriously ill children and their families. Ask us anything!
My name is Lance Greathouse and I make custom wheelchairs for people in need including one with a flamethrower. Ask me anything
I am Dr. Robin Murphy, Raytheon Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, author of 3 robotics books and a TED speaker.
I'm a kid from the East Coast who risked it all, chasing his dream of making a movie. I spent the last 10 years directing, producing & acting in Los Angeles. I just finished my first feature film. After all the YEARS of work, I finally got World Wide Distribution & my movie came out Last Week!
I'm Will Braden, creator of CatVideoFest, a celebration of cat videos that raises money for local cat charities across the country. Ask me anything!
I’m Amy Shira Teitel, Spaceflight historian, author of Fighting for Space, and occasional TV expert. Ask me anything!
I was born without Kneecaps, Ask me anything
Hello reddit, this is Matt Ridley—newspaper columnist, biologist, Tory peer, and author of The Rational Optimist, as well as the upcoming How Innovation Works. Please ask me (nearly) anything!
I'm Malcolm Harris author of the forthcoming book SHIT IS FUCKED UP AND BULLSHIT here to explain why things are getting worse instead of anything. Ask me anything!
I Am a Highschool Student Who Suffers From Cerebral Palsy. Ask me anything!