Im an online fitness trainer - Ask me anything
I am a Japanese dude having been a shut-in(aka Hikikomori) for 10 years, currently developing a Hikikomori-themed video game alone for 2.5 years. I think keeping hope has helped me stay on track during a difficult time. Ask me anything! (´▽`)
I am a (Deaf Teen) Ask me anything!
We are the creators of the artist-led anti-social media app minutiae. We are here to answer any questions about the project and the benefits of paying attention to the “boring” moments of life. Our backgrounds are in art, technology, photography and cognitive neuroscience.
i am Dril, CEO of the Dril account on and today i digital released "The Get Rich and Become God Method" Ask me any thing
I met cocaine traffickers, killers for hire, and their witches for my book on the cocaine cartels and the war on drugs and I’m here to tell you: cocaine is winning. Ask me anything
We’re here to help people cope with the stress of social isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re Dwight Holton and Greg Borders of the suicide prevention group Lines for Life, and John Tierney, a journalist at KGW-TV who helps media organizations more responsibly report on suicide. Ask me anything
I am a doctor specializing in obesity medicine: Ask me anything about weight loss during COVID-19!
I'm Olga Khazan, a health reporter for The Atlantic and the author of the new book, WEIRD, about the science of nonconformity. Ask me anything
I am a Orthodox Jew From the USA Who Served in Israeli SF and Moved to Israel Many Years Ago
I am a survival expert. I've provided official training to the United States Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Department of Defense, LAPD, CA Dept of Justice and more, as a civilian. I am a former Fire/Rescue Helicopter Crewmember in SO CAL. People travel across the globe to train with me. Ask me anything at all.
My name is Darci Lynne, I’m a singing ventriloquist who won America’s Got Talent. Ask me anything!
I'm Ron Jarmin, the Deputy Director with the Census Bureau! Today is Census Day, the reference day for the 2020 Census - and I'm here to answer questions about how we count EVERYONE living in the U.S. Ask me anything!
I'm Lior Samfiru, Canadian employment lawyer and television and radio host. Ask me anything!
I am a profoundly deaf teenager who had his second Cochlear Implant surgery almost two years ago. This is an update to my last quite successful post.
I was a “bestselling” author in my Orthodox, Jewish community. My most recent novel would probably have gotten me kicked me out if I hadn’t already left.
I was an intern at big cat rescue, the sanctuary run by Carole Baskin, recently brought into the spotlight by the Netflix docu-series, Tiger King. Ask me anything!
We are bipolar disorder experts and scientists, ask us anything for World Bipolar Day!
I’m Stephen Cleary, writer of Nina Simone’s autobiography, and I’m here to answer your questions about Nina’s life and her rediscovered album ‘Fodder On My Wings’, Ask me anything!