I am Ryan Reynolds, 33-year old Mayor of Whitney Point, NY, live streamer, podcaster and more. Ask me anything!
We’re the show hosts (& writers & producers) of AHC Podcast. We just put out a double episode on Jeffrey Epstein. Ask us anything about Jeffrey Epstein or whatever you want.
I’m Artist Sam Sawyer and I’ve create “SALEM: The Secret Archive of Legends, Enchantments, and Monsters”. Ask me anything!
I am developing controversial political games in Russia. Because of my last game, the Communist Party of Russia hunted me down, and I was forced into hiding, moving in with distant relatives.
I’m Josh Rogosin and I’ve recorded and mixed over 500 episodes of the Tiny Desk concert series. Three times a week I join a different band behind the actual desk of All Song’s Considered host, Bob Boilen. Ask me anything about how I capture the iconic sound for the Tiny Desk concert series.
I am chairman of the Dutch farmers’ association, we're the 2nd exporter of agricultural goods in the world. Ask me anything!
I'm a motorsports technician / "pit crew" member for Porsche racing teams. Ask me anything.
I am David Wain, co-creator of the new show MEDICAL POLICE on Netflix.
What’s the deal with food allergy? It’s become an epidemic, but now we have ways to treat it! I am an Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Doctor who does food allergy immunotherapy (OIT). Ask me anything
I was born with two Y chromosomes, Ask me anything
I'm the dev who shared the torrent of my own game on TPB for free, that was featured on Polygon, PC Gamer and many others. Ask me anything!
I am a living kidney donor who donated in December. I want to raise awareness for how easy and (nearly) painless the overall process was from beginning to end!
I am Oscar Scafidi, professional travel writer. Pirates in Somalia. Mountains in Afghanistan. Jail and hippo attacks in Angola. Minefields in Mauritania. Currently writing Bradt Guide to Tunisia. Ask me anything!
I am a 22 year old girl with chronic kidney disease and I am actively searching for a donor!
I am a Mercedes-Benz Sales Consultant. I started selling Mercedes-Benz at 18 and this is the start of my 5th year with the company! Ask Me Anything about Cool Cars, The Stereotypes of the Car Business, The Changes in the Car Industry over the last 5 years (You'd be surprised there's a lot), etc.!
I am a high school student who was in a school shooting. Ask me anything
I am an Amazon Delivery Driver. Have done it for over 6 months including Prime Day and the Holiday Season. Ask me anything that comes to mind about an usual day, experiences and incidents, work conditions, best and worst of the job.
We are forensic scientists and professors at the University of Florida. Ask Us Anything!