I seem to find that I pee more frequently when I feel cold. Does weather affect pee frequency? Like does the cold make my muscles contract, diminishing the amount my bladder can hold?

from /u/SaulsAll

Doctor D: Yes, the reason we get goosebumps when it's cold out. Because the little erectile muscles on our hair follicles are designed to make the hair stand up, thickening our fur coat to supply more insulation. Even though we've lost our fur, it's still programmed in our genes. It still effects our bladder.

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If I’m peeing more does that mean my sex drive will decrease?

from /u/Lotsoflaughs8675

Doctor D: Well, if you have the urge to urinate. It kills the desire to have an erection and fool around.

Bill: It's a good rule of thumb, always pee before sex.

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from /u/[deleted]

Doctor D: First off, too young to have prostate condition from enlargement. Most of the water you take in from your body comes from food not fluids. Fluids with high chemical content such as coffee irritate the bladder.

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How can supplements help with prostate health? Don’t you need a prescription? Does taking a supplement for prostrate health impact sexual performance?

from /u/Oldspice1985

Bill: From what I've learned, you're not going to do any damage. The supplements are a replacement for the vitamins that you used to get for the food you ate. The vitamins in Urinozinc is just a natural replacement, you don't need a prescription.

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Bill -

Thank you for bringing this problem out in the open.

I’m a big fan, when can we see you back on Last Man Standing?

from /u/Oldspice1985

Bill: Your welcome and I wouldn't have brought this up if I didn't feel like it was an important issue that men don't address. You can look for a new Last Man Standing after the first of the year.

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Hi Bill! Huge fan! Why do I tend to urinate a lot even if I don't drink anything for, say, a day or so?

from /u/FapingWithYourChild

Bill: I love to give you a funny answer for this but I'll give this one over to the doctor.

Doctor D: Most of the fluids that we take into our body come from the food we eat not the water we drink. A certain volume of urine has to be made to get rid of the chemicals our body has to dispose of. Dehydration is a terrible solution for frequent urination because most of the water we lose is through breathing, temperature regulation, bowel movements, and finally the kidneys adjust how much urine to produces with the fluids available. The first place the body looks to save water is the kidneys, which we see in the dark color of our urine. The second place is the intestinal track by pulling water out of the fecal material causes severe constipation. The third and final event before death is sweat, to cool our body and our body overheats.

Bill: Yeah, that's what I was going to say.

Doctor D: The bottom line is don't get dehydrated.

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I just had an exam for microscopic blood in my urine. Nothing out of the ordinary was found...but what causes that to start happening all of a sudden if no tumors, kidney stones, etc. were found?

from /u/SteelyDude

Doctor D: Some people just have a natural tendency to leak blood cells into the urine. It is true that the most common cause for blood in urine are infection, stone disease, and cancer. If that work up is found to be negative, constant monitoring is required and unfortunately, if you are the type of the person that get blood cells into your urine. You lose the early warning signs to detect other problems, you should have regular check-ups with your doctor.

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If I have to pee a lot does that mean I may have prostate cancer or bladder cancer??

from /u/Lotsoflaughs8675

Doctor D: No it doesn't mean that. But those symptoms can occur in both of those diseases. Usually, more symptoms are present like blood in the urine or abnormal lab tests.

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Are multiple nighttime trips to the bathroom normal? I’m 53 years old...?

from /u/lovelife1881

Doctor D: Depends on a number of factors. If the volume of urine is large, it could be over hydration or an early sign of diabetes. If it's small volume low pressure, that is more indicative of a prosthetic enlargement or an infection. It needs to be evaluated to give a greater assessment.

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Does everybody have to pee more often as they age? We all laugh about this—so no big deal right?

from /u/Saltylife1056

Doctor D: Most people use their own personal experience to denote normalcy. But what is happening in their life is not always normal so it's important to have a professional look at you to see if it's there's something wrong.

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Why is my “pee-pressure” or flow so weak now? Is that normal as I get older??

from /u/BB8droid54

Doctor D: Normal is a bad word. As we age, our prostate enlarges and offers resistance to the flow of urine for which our bladder must have to compensate by increasing the bladder pressure. There comes a point of time when the bladder could no longer compensate for the enlargement of the prostate and that would require medical management or possible surgery.

Bill: In the mean time, take a half a step closer to the toilet.

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Why all of a sudden is my urge to pee so urgent? It’s like I don’t have to go at all, then all of a sudden I feel like I’ll pee my pants...what’s with that?

from /u/comedyfan67

Doctor D: There's a lot of factors that could cause that, most common is an infection. Even though guys don't get infections as rapidly, it could be related to a sexual encounter or poor hygiene. When something happens consistently, it could be a natural aging process. There might be a procedure to treat it, could be medical management or surgical management. More important than anything else is to maintain good health and good hygiene, and making sure a qualified physician looks at you.

Bill: Don't self-diagnose. Go to a qualified physician as soon as possible.

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