It depends on what kind of gate. If I can’t get in the gate at all (locked/dogs) I might put it over the fence. But if I’m sure there’s not reason I can’t go in, I’ll always go to the door.

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Sign up for a ups account. You can personalize your deliveries and where you want your driver to put them. Other than that: understand that we only have what’s on our truck. Everything else isn’t up to us.

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how do you maintain your mental health? It seems like one of the hardest jobs out there. Long hours, heavy items, traffic and it always starts again.

from /u/WinterText

I try very had to go home ASAP. It’s easy to get sucked in because of the pay, but I always try to convince people that they need to be home. Work to live.

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Is there any indication that the attempts to convince UPS and other companies to provide vehicles with AC/Heat is having any effect?

from /u/sephstorm

We’ve had several heat injuries this year, but it doesn’t seem to be having an effect. We finally got them to agree to having vents in the cargo area and a fan in the front. That, though, is for newly built trucks. Drivers tell ourselves that’s the trade off for being paid twice as much. Drinking water/eating healthier/sunscreen/breaks, at least for me, does me just fine. I’ve never had an issue.

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What is the best dinosaur?

from /u/somethingasaur

Black Bear

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How many of your delivery addresses give you a tip during the holidays?

from /u/fiveonethreefour

One house has given me $5 a couple times for delivering their wine. During the holidays, though, many people out of snacks/ drinks. That’s the best.

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UPS has a reputation (and you mentioned) for having a good starting salary and good benefits for the type of work you do. How different do you think it would be if it wasn't a union shop? Do you get the impression that management feels that you guys out in the trenches are too highly paid?

from /u/frogstein

They would not pay nearly what they do if it weren’t for the union. Thank goodness we have one. Fighting for employee rights is the reason I decided to steward for the union.

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Have you ever known a coworker to steal packages? I sometimes chat with our UPS guy, and he once stated that someone stole at least 10 iphones on their end. Somehow they found the guy plus other employees who were stealing items.

from /u/Scottyaya

I heard about someone stealing phones in the hub a while back, but that was a while ago. I had to watch a guy get fired recently, though, because he stole $40 off a persons front porch. Moron.

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How many packages do you deliver a day?

from /u/mezzopiano1234

Normally: 3-400

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from /u/[deleted]

Yes. My wife.

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Where's my damn package?!

No but for real, thank you for everything you do, its a real service to us here in the western world. Thank you for getting stuff where it needs to, kind sir!

from /u/sneakycrown

Me pleasure, skro. I like what I do most days. It’s becoming more and more of a necessity for people to have a courier. I love being one of the real-life Santa’s.

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Is it fun?

from /u/heroofussr

No. I’m pretty relaxed now that I do my job well enough, but no, not fun.

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Honestly. Have you been came on to by anyone? Like... I was a delivery driver once way back in my 20's, and a lady was acting a bit hot and bothered at me.

from /u/Voralius

Lol. Yes, at least once. She straight up said, “I’m so turned on by UPS men.” I said, “nice. Could you sign here?”

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Have you ever delivered something that was of questionable legality?

from /u/22plus

I box of weed was found on my truck in the morning before I got there. One time I’m pretty sure I delivered a box of Cubans. Other than that.. I don’t think so

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who was your most irritating customer?

from /u/darkytae

I’ve had a few, but they kind of blend together. One lady though.... was SO upset that I didn’t have her phone that day. I sat there searching through every single package in the truck looking for a very small box (a good 20 minutes), and I don’t find it. Shitty feeling, too. I wasted a lot of time for something I’d never find and I’m disappointing a customer. She kept sayin, “my son is in the hospital, I need this phone.” She decided I didn’t know what I was doing. Told me she wanted to look. Of course the answer was no. She told me that I need to give her my name (Im not a cop, ma’am) my supervisors phone number (nope), and the number of the center I worked in (that neither). She took down my license plate, My truck number, and DOT Number. I gave her the UPS help number and left.

She called the help number right away... with the cell phone in her hand.

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How retarded are most people who work for UPS? Even the preloaders?

from /u/Jumlee77

UPS currently starts at 14/hr. Benefits for every employee at 9 months. After one year full year, you have two weeks vacation— 3weeks after two years. It’s mundane work that can cause complacency, but it’s a smart job choice.

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