who is “michael soft” and why do i have to buy computers from him?!??

from /u/carppppp

Fuck you

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My first question, what gives you the right?

Second, when will you learn?

from /u/nefariouslothario

god and never

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Do you know wint?

from /u/whativebeenhiding

i am him yes

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Did they ever let you fuck the flag?

from /u/MercZ11

no but i will fuck your awful post. Lets get real

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Should I buy the book if I like shit that sucks?

from /u/slanguage


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Have you ever had sex with w/ Qanon ?

from /u/lebronswanson

you need to tag this NSFW you dick sucker

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How big are your muscles? Are you stronger than me?

from /u/Toasterman247

normal sized

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Hi Dril! I'm curious about your writing process. Do you use a pen or a pencil?

from /u/thepostliker

I use the computer

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How do you decide which words to misspell?

from /u/RaleighSea

get OFF my ASS

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where do you get off?

from /u/_Twitchy

go mess up someone elses Ask me anything thread.

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Do you ever get frustrated that you've become internet famous but no one knows the creator behind the famous content?

from /u/Evil_Steven

Its fine

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How's your budget looking recently? Still getting enough candles?

from /u/Penguinswin3

Ive reported this crap

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hello dril what if seinfeld still tv today?

from /u/merenui

Get a life shit head

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Do you think lenin’s idea of the vanguard party is an effective method to transition into Marx’s ideal version of a communist society?

from /u/bsolomo510

I think we need to look at the facts

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What wisdom can you give a man who hopes to become like you one day?

from /u/rrrradon

Hmm I dont know maybe I should write a 390 page book about that and sell it for $8.99

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What's your opinion on the "wint but AI" twitter account ?

from /u/ClemiHW

it's fine if people want to have fun with my posts but its stupid its a piece of shit

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Who do you endorse in the 2020 Dem Primary, CEO Dril?

from /u/Hawkeye2695

the one thats not a rapist

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is it okay to kiss a woman if she doesn't like wwe?

from /u/dasbub

Why dony you ask her!

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Do you have any funny anecdotes about the writing of your previous book Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff: The Quest for the Missing Spoon? Did you enjoy working with Andrew Hussie and KC Green?

from /u/Makin-


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from /u/St1ng

Shut the fuck up

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How many DMs do you get per day, would you estimate?

Also what do you think of @jaboukie?

from /u/TurnerJ5

people have given up on DMing me because they know that i will rip them a new ass hole. theyre cowards

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What are your demands?

from /u/drzootsuit

ask me anything

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How did the idea of Dril come to you?

from /u/Bo0ombaklak


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What is "Dril" to you? Is it an artstyle? A way of life? A diet-plan?

from /u/MrVernonDursley

a lifestyle brand that nobody thinks is good

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As a veteran, do you think the military-industrial complex justifies your smelly fart ass?

from /u/dasbub

you dishonor the uniform by posting this

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Who is your favorite gamer?

from /u/The_Opponent


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How much ass is too much ass?

from /u/digitbh

one ass

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Is the Dril account operated by one person, or a team of people?

from /u/Cryogenically

me. the one guy

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Do your friends and family know your online identity? Do they care?

from /u/oxwof

I tried to keep it secret and failed after like 7 years. But its fine

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What's your personal opinion of Derek Estevez-Olsen?

from /u/WhoIsAmerica

A punk!! In over his head

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Why have I not herd of you?

from /u/BEERnHOES

because you dont watch the news jack ass

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when will you start doing comedy?

from /u/monroseph

when God puts a gun to my head

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Are you roommates with Veggietales Facts?

from /u/CaptainKursk

I dont watch that shit . Its for children

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How many pushups is enough to be a real dude ?

from /u/DwemerPrince

....................../´¯/) ....................,/¯../ .................../..../ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') ..........................'...../ ..........''............. _.·´ ..........................( ..............................

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What's your favorite memory from childhood?

from /u/FireisprettyOkay

the early 2000s, when everyone was making the worst flash animations imaginable and having a ball

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How are you?

from /u/usernameforonesub

Keeping away from that damn Covid

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What are the boys up to these days?

from /u/Trumprapeskidsalot

Theyre trying to start a band named "Snake Wind "

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Can I play WWF No Mercy with you?

from /u/kenmoredave

That was the absolute worst game I have ever played

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why do you have a diaper fetish?

from /u/weedcop420

why do you have a toilet fetish

Audience Approval (19)

Eat shit?

from /u/MagomedMagomed

Hah... the trolls out in full force. Or should I say Farce

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i am not shitting recently. what is your advice for getting back to shitting? it was better when i was shitting

from /u/gohan_sebastian_bach

give yourself a disease

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Peanut butter or jelly?

from /u/ChooChooCherry

Im here to disscuss the book.

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Where can i pick up a football?

from /u/MimicalGuy1

dick sporting goods

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Did you get fired from Truthpoint?

from /u/JanetYellensFuckboy


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what's your Animal Crossing island called?

from /u/DustyKnackers

Gun World

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Why do you try so hard?


Show me where im trying hard. Show me exactly it you mother fucker

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Is the book ?

from /u/BaileyCarlin

Fuck off

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Listen I was smoking a blunt in my room when i heard someone oppening the door and threw it out of the window. My grandma was down there and her hair got on fire. When the fireman got there they got high from the smoke and couldn't put out the fire. Did grandma go to Jah's heaven?

from /u/impolaris

Im not here to talk about grandma

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Why sell books if you've already become rich and ascended to godhood?

from /u/GuacOpera

What can I say... I do it for the Fans. Im the worlds Slave

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I’m not buying your book?

from /u/MagomedMagomed


Audience Approval (2)

do you eat ass?

from /u/BuddypalIsOnReddit

whose ass

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When will you LOG OFF???

from /u/zerorules44

why?? What did I do?

Audience Approval (3)

Does he love hanging out in his little barrel?

from /u/bojangles69420


Audience Approval (1)

do u be sittin in your truck? respond promptly

from /u/Shadow5963

is this Racial ?

Audience Approval (8)

How dare you?

from /u/EmperorKingDuke

I'm allowed to do this

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What's the best food?

from /u/KnucklesMcGinty

Hot N Spicy

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if you could delete one famous artist (any sort of art, from Michelangelo to Britney Spears) from the public consciousness, who would it be and why?

from /u/dangerotic


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What are your thoughts on the haters and by any means do you allow them to be your motivators?

from /u/MetalStoofs

i dont like them and the only thing they motivate me to do is run them over with my car

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What shall I plant in the especially shady part of my garden?

from /u/Drunksludge

let the dog shit there

Audience Approval (9)

opinion on nutella and strawberry jam?

from /u/wyn-je

something a child would eat and get sick

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spam messag.e

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  1. Will you do a face reveal please?
  2. How are you handling Truthpoint episodes during an ongoing pandemic?
  3. Who are your favorite comedians?
  4. Favorite movie, TV show, cartoon?
  5. How did you become famous on Twitter?
from /u/BoogsterSU2

This is too many. I cant answer these

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