omg i have hearing aids too! are you completely dependent on your aids or can you manage without them? also, if you know sign language, how did you learn and how long did it take you to learn?

from /u/_loam

I don’t know sign language, and I can do both, I just can’t hear well, I can’t hear cars, unless a big engine. I can hear showers whnin it.

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What color is your toothbrush?

from /u/Norgeroff


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I don’t want to be insensitive and I know it has to be awful but have you found any upside for being deaf?

from /u/franb525

Better sleeping, but. A LOT OF HIGH PITCH EAR RINGING.

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How hard it is to understand your teachers, and do they take your deafness under consideration?

is it offensive to ask a deaf person to teach you sign language?

from /u/Hellion_shark

I have a divide that they wear called a FM system, and they wear it, and I put on these small 2 cm things called, “boots.” They help me hear the teacher more clear.

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How hard it is to understand your teachers, and do they take your deafness under consideration?

is it offensive to ask a deaf person to teach you sign language?

from /u/Hellion_shark

They kinda take it under consideration, and i don’t think that it is offensive, as you’re not making fun of the deaf person.

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Do you prefer people to ask how to help you, or to just bumble around like an idiot making things worse for you so they don’t seem insensitive?

from /u/Elizaaaz

I just like to not think of the fact I am different from people, but 13% of the world is deaf. So it’s a rare thing. I also am very flexible in 7 areas. Which make me unique and to girls, weird.

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Were you born deaf or did you become deaf later on in life?

from /u/iGio24


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Just curious and don’t mean to offend, if you were born deaf why didn’t you attempt to learn ASL? I know some non hearing people choose not to learn asl for various reasons, but I am curious to know why. I loved learning ASL, though I am not deaf and unfortunately don’t really know anyone who is.

from /u/mackattack166

It’s too difficult and to me, a waist of time.

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If music is loud can you pick up the vibrations or is it just nothing at all deafness?

from /u/Avatar1555

I can feel vibrations, and if on computer, I have to have ear buds and have it at max volume.

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What are your worst Entitled Bitch stories???


You can't hear anything at all, or it's more like the sounds you hear are MUCH, MUCH quieter than a normal human can hear?

from /u/Asdi144

Sounds are WAY quieter.

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How is it to wear in ear headphones? Are they better than over ear?

from /u/mattisism

Way better

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Have you read Rick Riordans bookseries "Magnus Chase"?

from /u/Nico_Walentine

No, I like lightning Theif.

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Does learning how to speak comes as a diffculty to you?

from /u/felzek94

Not really, I stutter here and there.

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Do you use signed English or American Sign Language? I’m learning sign language and I had a person tell me that people that use American Sign Language really frown upon signed English but I wanted to know from a person that is deaf if you have a problem with signed English.

from /u/yeeteth-and-yoinketh


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Ironically I have the exact opposite problem as you. I have extremely sensitive hearing and have ruptured my eardrums over thirty times because of it. The pain and the ringing every night is indescribable. Many nights Ive wished I was dead or deaf. I can hear well but it trade it for a moment of silence if I could. Appreciate what you have because its rarely better on the other side.

from /u/dogmeatburrito69

Being deaf still has ear ringing.

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Can you read people’s lips?

from /u/Sir_Squabblesauce

Yes and no

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**EDIT: I just saw you don't use ASL*

I work in retail at REI and have been working on learning ASL. I know I'll never be fluent but we've had deaf customers come in to work previously and had difficulty communicating so I figured something is better than nothing. Do you think this is true or is it more confusing to try and sign if you're not fluent? If you think it's useful what are some of the most common signs you'd like for a salesperson to know?

from /u/missmae1994

Please make this more understandable, lol.

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What’s your favourite band to listen too?

from /u/TrueFigure1

I listen to rap, I am tied with X and Eminem

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Have you ever encountered a Entitled parent? If so what was your experience?

from /u/wasuwq

What is one thing that you think people who are able to hear should know about being deaf?

from /u/Me_is_weird

There is big responsibility, when you don’t have hearing aids in, be aware of surroundings. Being deaf has some issues, like, not being able to hear people that you want to know better.

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Do you plan on answering any questions?

from /u/slightpriapism

I am.

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