What would be a simple but good no-equipment bodyweight routine to do at home while gyms are closed?

from /u/HowYesNo2

I usually charge for routines FYI everyone but since this is an Ask me anything, im happy to give routines away for free:

Chest - Push ups

Back - Pull ups

Shoulders - Pike push ups

Legs - Squats or walking lunges

Biceps - Chinups

Triceps - Dips between chairs

3 sets total

To lose weight: Do it as fast as you can in a circuit type of style

To gain weight: Take 45-60 second rests in between sets and really concentrate on the contraction

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What is a healthy amount of time per day to workout/lift weights for the average gym-goer?

from /u/agwoodliffe

45 min to 60 minutes for weights. Try your best for 45 though.

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Have you being gaining more views/popularity since the lockdown was recently enforced in most areas of the world?

from /u/keeksnewacc

Not really no, I have an IG which i post to every once and a while but thats about it. I get my clients from word of mouth but im starting to expand getting them from the internet now. Going to make a website as well.

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Hey :)

I ruptured my cruciate ligament while skiing in January. I will have my surgery soon. After that they said, I should not do sports for at least 6 month.

What would you advice a Client in this situation in terms of fitness and how to start again?

from /u/giraffe117

Start very very light, shy away from squats, and build up the muscle around the knee, and most importantly see what your doctor says, dont ask a trainer, ask a doctor he knows best

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How do you evaluate if your clients are actually pushing themselves hard?

from /u/Brek_Shea

By their results each month, while sometimes it can be tough i go by how much they changed and the scale. I also make them take pictures every month as well for progress

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This is awesome 🤩

My question : what's the ratio of male to female fitness trainers (that you've come across) and do you think men would ever take classes from a woman? In all honesty.

from /u/cuntorwont

Not sure honestly about the ratio and as for women training men. Depends on the goals. I’ve met women who competed in bodybuilding that would blow me out of the water in terms of physique and knowledge probally, would I be trained by them, yes I would.

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Are there any cheats to losing weight? I know there aren't shortcuts, but are there any tips and tricks that make the process easier? Especially from a diet perspective?

from /u/Econstudent116

No cheats, just stick with your diet and exercise plan. Stay away from supplements, fad diets and lose weight fast bullsh*t. - When you exercise i would say focus on advanced techniques such as super sets and drop sets. For cardio do HIIT

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How does online training work? Are you on skype with them while they workout?

from /u/Savile_and_Sutcliffe

Most of the time I send my clients a new workout program per month, a new diet plan when needed depending on results, and I also offer unlimited questions, email coaching and accountability for a set monthly price. But if asked I would do a FT call with them to make sure they have proper form..etc but this would be more costly for them.

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Advice/ workouts for postpartum moms? (Lower belly/thigh stuff)

from /u/introspectiveinfo

Depends on how long ago you gave birth. You should be waiting 6-8 weeks after giving birth to work out. I would start with bodyweight exercises such as squats, knee push ups. As time goes on work out like everyone else, dont neglect weights and resistance exercise either to lose the lower belly. Example, weighted barbell squats, or walking lunges.

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What's your advice for someone in recovery from an eating disorder who wants to get into fitness (without triggering ED)?

from /u/OpasnostLapshoi

People i know who has ED got into powerlifting or bodybuilding as a way to cope. While im not saying its the best idea because that can become an obsession in itself(healthier then ED yes) it is a great way to overcome ED since you can see changes in strength and muscle size which give you the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle. Take that with a grain of salt though since I dont know much about ED, im only going off of what i've seen with other weightlifters that i know

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Which is more useful, diet or excercise?

Is a full time job where you're on your feet and moving around the whole time enough, or is it best to do more outside of work?

What would you recommend for someone who relies on mostly canned, frozen, and boxed food? I'm on a budget and not the greatest of cooks.

from /u/jdb1984

They work synthetically. As for the training do outside work, walk, run, do squats, bench press, push ups..etc...Being on your feet all the time(standing for 8 hours ex) isn't easy. But doing squats as an example will help you last long and not feel as much pain as you get older(with moderate weight).

Check the nutrition labels, create a well thought out meal plan with the amount of macro-nutrients you need to gain muscle or lose fat(whatever your goal is) and stick to it. A lot of those frozen food is high as hell is sodium, make sure to drink a lot of water.

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Is there anything you could tell me that I couldn't get from reading some freely available guides?

from /u/FastWalkingShortGuy

Not sure since i havent read every guide out there, but a good piece of advice is don't overdo it in the gym. If you're weight training don't max out on your lifts often, don't go to heavy all the time. While i believe in going hard and training hard there is such a thing as to much

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Hi. I started working out 2 months ago and I'm following the 5x5 program. The thing is, I have big thighs and small upper body and this program is built around squats. I was wondering do I still need to work my legs out if I naturally have mascular legs?

from /u/Callmejitsu

I get this question a lot. My answer is YES. Legs are your biggest muscle group and when trained release the most hormones to help you grow and gain muscle.

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